Our Purpose
​​​​​​​​VF Corporation is a Purpose-led, performance–driven and value–creating organization. Our relentless pursuit of business success is fueled by our desire to use our scale and resources to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place.
Our Guiding Priniciples

These principles inform how we show up in all aspects of our work. They set forth the expectations we have for ourselves and each other. Embracing these behavio​rs and attitudes as a whole enables us to foster an inclusive and respectful culture where everyone can thrive.

  • Live with Integrity. Be authentic and do the right thing, always.
  • Act Courageously. Think and act boldly.
  • Be Curious. Explore the world, learn and evolve.
  • Act with Empathy. Seek to understand and respect others.
  • Persevere. Persist to work together as One VF.
We power movements of sustainable and active lifestyles for the betterment of people and our planet.
Grow With Us
The day-to-day experience is as rich and diverse as our broad portfolio of brands and our variety of locations around the world. Red Kap’s workplace is characterized by a distinctive culture of respect, collaboration and sharing — a strong, authentic culture that inspires innovation and enables us all to grow and succeed together.