Let loose. Stay loose. MIMIX puts flex panels where you need them. Stretch, twist, and pull without the rips, tears, and snares.


Long live workwear. Stains suck the life out of clothes, but OilBlok keeps them out of early retirement by making sure they never happen.


For 100 years, teams have trusted us to outfit over 16 million workers. So, whatever you need, we've got solutions. From our team to yours.


Take your gear to the next level with a look that's uniquely yours.

“This shirt is awesome. Fit is great and the stretch panels in the back allow for a lot of movement and breathability. Well-constructed and seems like it will wear great over time. Would recommend.”

Justin A.

“Wonderful product as always! My favorite coats for work and casual. I will be a lifelong customer for sure.”

David P.

“Comfortable, durable, perfectly placed pockets - especially right-side pocket for phone, double knee material. These pants need to be advertised more - get the info out there. They are the best yet for an active, hands-on worker.”

Dan C.

“Flex panels provide good comfort. Excellent when working in tight places. These are a light alternative when heavier hazard protection is not needed. Easily peels off when the dirty work is done.”

Kenneth K.