We Champion Each Worker
Who Makes Our Communities Thrive.
Behind every pair of worn, calloused hands is a skilled worker — men and women who are always willing to pitch in at work, at home, and in their communities. That’s who we work for. Red Kap takes durability and comfort one step further by providing affordable, innovative workwear that’s fit for their jobs. All day, everyday. On and off the clock.
Our Heritage
Where We Came From

In 1923 two brothers and their cousin set up shop to sell bib overalls under a sign that read “Harlin Bros. & Williams.” This humble operation held fast to a few simple values — great service, comfort, and durability. So, business grew.

The family expanded their catalog — a new line of premium workwear. The big times. They needed a name to match.

While kicking around some ideas, one of the brothers reached for Red Cap Brazil Smoking Tobacco in his pocket. There it was — the bright red jockey cap on the tobacco label was the perfect icon. Inspired, they created the distinctive Red Kap logo in 1927.

By 1939, the family was selling affordable matched-set workwear and chambray shirts. Times were good. Until WWII when the country was thrown into turmoil. Red Kap stepped up to help the war effort — manufacturing gas mask carriers, combat fatigues, and field jackets.

After the war, Red Kap teamed up with laundry services to supply fresh uniforms to all sorts of businesses. By 1960, Red Kap had solidified its place as a major player in the workwear industry.

We continue to stand strong in our values, to make the best possible unifroms regardless of industry, and to do things the right way. That’ll never go out of style.

Our History
On The Job Since 1923
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Since 1923, we’ve carried on a culture of respect, collaboration, and sharing. We’re proud of the strong community we’ve built along the way. Together we’ve innovated, succeeded, and grown to have locations around the world, supporting a diverse portfolio of brands. Wanna join us? We’ll keep you on your toes.